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Benefits of Honey Massage for the Human Body

Effect of honey and the benefits of honey massage for the human body

Our contemporaries believe that the birthplace of honey massage is Tibet. That the Tibetans were able to connect long known the miraculous properties of massage and healing properties of honey, honey-making procedure is extremely useful for human health functions. Effect of honey and the benefits of honey massage for the human body is great. But in order not to be unfounded, let’s take a closer look at what is the use of honey massage.

Massage with honey can not only improve, but to rejuvenate. This is possible because the amount of vitamins and minerals in it is huge. Also, natural honey is different in that it is quickly absorbed, thus the body does not need to expend energy on the process of digestion. With its antiseptic properties, honey is excellent “kills” germs in places cuts, bruises and burns on. All of these properties, as well as possible better suited for the massage.

During the massage honey “pull” from the body, there are collected over a long period of time. And he does it much better than most cosmetic products that are now on everyone’s lips. In addition, honey massage affects not only the skin, but also to internal organs.

After its normal metabolism, improving immunity, overall body increases significantly. It is also good for the prevention of vascular dystonia. For colds it is recommended for massage, since honey has a high heat and warms the body perfectly.

It is worth noting how useful massage and its effect on the nervous system. Its soothing effect prevents stress and insomnia, relieves stress and chronic fatigue, makes a person cheerful and calm.

Most modern women see it as a way to combat cellulite. Indeed, in this case, it is very effective.

Since honey affects all organs, when it is applied in a massage, be sure to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism, but rather the presence of certain chronic diseases. However, for the masseuse it is very important to know in what areas of blood flow should be avoided. For example, in diseases of the cardiovascular system, honey massage is not worth doing leg.

Only the honey massage is correct, in which the process is first massaged the whole body, and then only parts of it. This is due to the fact that this is accompanied by local heating with a rush of blood to the massaged parts of the body that can lead to poor circulation in the other parts of it that have not been exposed to massage.

Note that honey massage is contraindicated in people with allergies. Also, it is impossible to perform, at an elevated temperature and malignant tumors.

Honey facial massage is not less popular than the full body massage in delhi. Also, do not forget that the acupuncture points on the face are connected with all organs, and a massage therapist, massaging facial area affects, above all, and for them.

Actions honey on the face can be compared with the impact of scrub. Only it is many times more useful. Honey facial massage begins with the application of a thin layer. After that you should wait a few minutes. At this time, closed pores, trying to soak up the honey is processed together with subcutaneous fat slags.

The most opportune time when the facial massage with honey is especially useful this morning. It was then that the face fresh and rested, and thus the effect is maximized. After the massage all spoke toxins wash cold shower. Remember that when you massage your body will lose some moisture due to the warm-up, so to regain her balance, you will be helpful to drink tea with honey.

Effect of honey on human health is great, and because honey massage is synonymous with health and beauty. This statement can be confirmed by many people who have tried the honey massage and its benefits for yourself, we feel that we can become healthier and look younger at the same time. but the effect of honey on the human body will be useful only if it is the naturalness and the absence of toxins in it.

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