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What is lymphatic drainage?

Inadequate nutrition and lack of physical exercise can result in the accumulation of toxins in the body and fluid retention. What is the use of lymphatic drainage? To reverse this situation through the activation of blood circulation and lymphatic function. This treatment, although many people think it is of an aesthetic nature, offers a host of health benefits that are worth knowing.

In Inout we have a team of specialists in lymphatic drainage to help you get the best results with this technique, so we explain in detail what lymphatic drainage is and how it benefits our body.

What is lymphatic drainage?

Before explaining what lymphatic drainage is for, it is essential to understand what it consists of. It is a body massage technique created in 1932 by the Danish doctor Emil Vodder with the intention of helping the body to purify itself of the waste it produces through the stimulation of lymphatic function.

The lymphatic system is composed of a group of vessels, additional to the blood vessels, that are responsible for transporting a yellow fluid called lymph. This substance is composed mostly of fats, proteins, water, lymphocytes and toxins or waste from cells.

The lymph is filtered by the lymph nodes and then returns to the blood. However, when the organism is congested, the lymph can not filter the lymph correctly and there is an accumulation of toxins and waste, which results in body swelling and fluid retention. Lymphatic drainage is the technique of massage that offers to activate the circulation of the lymph in the body through manual stimulation with the aim of helping to purify the body naturally.

What is the use of lymphatic drainage?

As we mentioned before, lymphatic drainage stimulates the circulation, both of the lymph and of the bloodstream, with the aim of purifying the body of toxins and wastes that will be subsequently eliminated from the body naturally, through urine. This effect is very important to avoid diseases, edema, abdominal inflammation and to help the body is better prepared when defending against any pathogen.

In addition, drainage is carried out through a gentle, non-painful and repetitive massage that invites relaxation and mental sedation, therefore, it is a technique that helps to combat stress, to calm anxiety and offers a Deep feeling of muscular relief, calm and pleasure.

In terms of aesthetics, lymphatic drainage is highly recommended to improve the effects of other body treatments such as carboxytherapy or mesotherapy, since in these cases body massage helps the body to release fat and toxins faster through the body. lymphatic system. For this reason it is also recommended after a liposuction.

This technique is also highly recommended to improve the appearance of cellulite or orange peel, because manual massage helps break up the adipocyte clusters and leads the fat to the lymphatic system so that it is eliminated from the body by the urine. In addition, manual stimulation activates blood circulation, which allows the skin to receive more nutrients and look much healthier, hydrated and uniform.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage and what it consists of

The lymphatic drainage lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. A session of lymphatic drainage consists of putting the person on a stretcher in underwear to begin performing a soft and repetitive massage where the specialist’s hands place great emphasis on manipulating the points of the body where the lymph nodes are located.

The lymphatic drainage is not the same for all people, the areas to be stimulated can vary according to the person’s conditions and their objectives. Therefore, we must emphasize that the massage that a person will receive after a liposuction will not be the same that a person will receive to relieve the inflammation of the extremities.

The massage is carried out with hydrating or relaxing essential oils, but it can also be done with substances such as arnica, to help to reduce inflammation in an area or to eliminate bruises resulting from surgery or aesthetic treatment. The lymphatic drainage is not painful, does not cause marks and does not suggest any type of limitation, so that the person can make his life as usual after treatment.

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