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Regenerates and refreshes – the benefits of Swedish massage

One of the most widespread forms of massage variations in Europe is Swedish massage. Many people consider it also the basis of the popular sports massage and therapeutic massage as they also use the Swedish massage courses.

Rather the body than the soul

Unlike oriental massages, Swedish masses have less spiritual filling. It is not completely zero, but it is based on mechanical stimuli rather than on mental effects.

The guest is lying on a special massage bed while the masseur, with or without cream, kneads all or part of his body. Because full-body massage is only available twice a week at most, it is often only a partial massage that moves the patient’s entire body.

The most common partial massage is the back massage, there are also neck-shoulder, lumboglute (back and waist), arm, leg, face, chest and abdominal massage.

Swedish massage courses

The original Swedish massage consists of five basic techniques:

vibration (vibration)

In some cases the order of the catches may be reversed. For example, kneading was done before rubbing, but nowadays it is mostly done afterwards.

Modern massages include complementary dishes:

intermittent pressure
led passive outing

Health Benefits

The positive effects of Swedish massage on our bodies are not easy to put together in a bunch, but now we are trying to:

Stress and anxiety relief, relaxation
Pain Relief
Improves skin, circulation, and lymphatic system condition
It generally improves our well-being
Helps eliminate chronic fatigue
It improves performance, improves muscle condition
It is also a great help in rehabilitation after an accident or surgery
It can be used as an adjunct treatment in the case of reduced mobility
It can also treat headaches effectively
Psychosomatic complaints (cramps, digestive problems)
Treatment of chronic inflammation
Treatment of orthopedic diseases (eg, soles of feet, discopathies, spasm of the hip)
Treatment of rheumatology complaints (eg PHS, Bechterew's disease, lumbago, sciatica, arthrosis)
Treatment of internal medicine problems (eg constipation, pneumonia, circulatory disorders)
Rehabilitation of neurological diseases (eg post-stroke condition, paresis, trigeminal neuralgia)
Prevention of diseases, deterioration of condition (eg by prevention of pulmonary inflammation and muscle atrophy in the long-term patient, or by consensual action against the atrophy of the muscles under the gypsum in the plastered limb)

Who should not apply?

Swedish massage may not always be given to the patient. If you suspect any of the following, it is imperative that you discuss with your doctor whether or not you are causing more harm than good.

Swedish massage is not recommended at this time:

Presence of infectious disease (with particular reference to infectious skin diseases)
In case of acute inflammation
In the case of cancer, if the patient is not a terminal cancer patient
Fresh trauma, post-operative condition
There are epidermis areas on the skin
If you are bleeding or are taking anticoagulant medication
Active phase of Rheumatoid arthritis
In case of more severe osteoporosis
With high blood pressure that has not been controlled with medication
Joint instability
For some heart and circulatory problems - you need to see a family doctor or cardiologist
In case of varicose veins, only the affected limb should not receive a massage, the rest of course without further ado
If the guest's condition is not included, he / she is not fully aware (this includes alcohol status)
Pregnancy - Not a general reason for exclusion, certain periods and areas of the body are contraindicated, the strength and nature of the catches change, and the guest cannot be laid as usual.
It requires individual judgment during the menstrual period because although the circulatory stimulating effect of massage enhances bleeding, its antispasmodic and analgesic effect facilitates menstruation

Swedish massage at home

If you would like to enjoy the refreshing effect of Swedish massage in your home, look for or obtain a chair in which we can perfectly fit ourselves. Minimal muscle tension is also avoided as it reduces the effectiveness of the massage.

Choose a room that is light enough, well ventilated and easy to clean. It is also important that the temperature is right – you should not be cold even in incomplete clothing. It is also good if the room is well insulated and while some relaxation music can be heard inside, the outside noise will stay away.

Let’s eat a light meal before the massage. Keep in mind that it is not worth massaging on an empty stomach or a full stomach. Taking a light shower to prepare your body is highly recommended for hygienic reasons.
How to Massage?

Swedish massage can be done with or without carrier. The most common uses are cream, oil and talcum powder, which has the disadvantage of clogging the pores of the skin. Use a vehicle to massage the hairy body, otherwise there is a risk of hair follicle inflammation.

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