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Thai Body to Body Massage in Delhi

Traditional thai massage in delhi

Traditional Thai massage is known by several names: Thai massage, Thai yoga, (Nuat phaen boran), passive yoga and others. At its core, this massage consists of two components, skillfully combined into one. This acupressure is the effect on problem areas through pressure on certain points of the body (a kind of reflexology) and a set of exercises borrowed from the practice of yoga, such as twisting and stretching.

The technique of Thai traditional massage is based on the impact with the help of feet, elbows, hands. Due to such a mild force, the effect is worked through the deep muscles and tissues of our body.

If you lead a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, want to relieve stress and get rid of chronic fatigue – then Thai traditional massage is what you need.

Traditional Thai massage is performed in comfortable clothes, lying on a mat. Calm music, aromatherapy, candles, the benevolent mood of the master all contribute to harmonious and meditative immersion and relaxation.

In addition to all of the above, Thai massage improves blood circulation, affects the acceleration of metabolism, relieves cramping and muscle fatigue, increases joint mobility, and increases your efficiency. Ultimately, traditional Thai massage is designed to bring your body into a state of equilibrium due to the influx of vitality.

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