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The word massage comes from the Latin word “massage”, which means “crush”, which probably means the oldest form of treatment. Massage is a systematic work on the soft tissue that acts on the muscular, nervous and lymphatic system of the ligament and tendon, is performed manually (manually) or with the help of the device, acts on the balance of body fluids, blood and lymph and leads to a state of complete relaxation.

Medical massage

MedicalIn this type of massage the touch stimulates the feeling of physical and emotional comfort. Movements that stimulate or relax muscles, improve circulation and stimulate the treatment of a large number of various disorders are used. It can be used together with aromatherapy as the use of essential oils or lotions during treatment has a number of therapeutic effects. Prepared pharmacological preparations (creams, fats, sprays) can be used for certain diagnoses.

Contraindications: increase in body temperature of the body especially in infectious diseases, acute inflammatory processes of all types of burns on the skin, regardless of their cause, bleeding of various organs and tissues, haemophilia, inflammation of the veins and lymphatic pathways, varicose syndrome, malignant process, infectious skin diseases, cardiac patients (consultation of doctors).

Sport massage

The sport’s spray of this kind of massage is to increase the effectiveness of training and to improve results in competitions and in great psycho-physical efforts. It is performed before, during and after the above activities. Sports massage allows rapid decomposition of lactic acid in the muscle tissue and thus reduces physiological fatigue, fatigue and pain, accelerates recovery, and helps the organism to return to its original state as soon as possible.

Contraindications are identical as with medical massage.

Massage of the head, face, neck and shoulders: a relaxing massage that relieves tension in the neck muscles, removes accumulated stress, fatigue, and provides comfort. It nourishes and stimulates micro tissue circulation. It makes the skin tense and smooth, removes traces of tiredness on the face and reduces wrinkles …

Reflex foot massage: is a special foot massage technique that helps with tired legs and revitalizes the entire body. (see more under reflexotherapy).

Partial massage (sports or medical): this type of massage treats a certain part of the body, and depending on the specific problem, either a sports massage or a medical, with the appropriate intensity of movement is performed. It reduces the tenderness of the spasm and fibrosing degeneration and helps with recovery after stretching, in overstretching of muscles or joints, and reduces pain in the treated part and improves its blood flow.

Connective-tissue massage (VTM): it is performed with firm stimulus movements in order to treat certain diseases of the locomotor system and internal organs. It has a good effect on regulation of circulation, degenerative changes in connective tissue and establishes good neurological conductivity of stimuli.


Aromatherapy Any plant in its roots, stems, leaves and flowers has a unique combination of oils called essential oil. Aromatherapy (Greek aroma = aroma, therapeia = treatment) is a process of using essential oils and essences for the purpose of preserving health and preventing the illness of the body, mind and mind. Aromatherapy is one of the branches of phytotherapy.

Contraindications: allergic reactions to certain essential oils, open wounds, acute inflammatory diseases (consultation with doctors with doctor), open fractures, pregnancy (in the first three months of pregnancy, several essential oils are avoided, and after the third month of pregnancy, they are avoided ).

Aromatherapy massage: it is performed with the use of high quality oil in combination with essential oil. It is slow, gentle and stimulating. It relaxes muscles, stimulates circulation and detoxification, strengthens the immune system, reduces cramps and muscle pain, and the general level of stress.

Anticellulite massage: Anticellulite massage is an energetic massage that treats areas on the body affected by cellulite, most often thighs and buttocks. Solid massage improves the flow of blood and lymph, and the effect of massage increases with the use of essential oils or ready-made massage preparations. The treatment lasts for 30 minutes, and for better efficacy it is recommended to make 8-10 treatments continuously with a space of 2-3 days.

Contraindications: sensitivity to particular essential oils, tendency to drop capillaries due to solid pressure, as well as in preparations that cause hyperemia. Treatments are not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Detoxifying massage: It is unique in its technique. It makes a series of relaxing and stimulating movements on meridian and acupressure points using high-quality detoxification, toning and diuretic oils. The combination of massage, movement techniques and specific oils promotes and accelerates circulation, lymph flow, metabolism, and the result is excretion of toxins from the body and detoxification of the entire body.

Contraindications: identical to medical and sports massage.

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